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As the name implies, torso sex dolls are dolls with only torso parts, they don't have limbs or a head, but they have a place where you can orgasm. They are generally made of TPE or TPR materials, which feel real to the touch and feel like real people. Not only that, but they also have more graceful curves than real people, realistic breasts and tight channels, which can bring you the perfect sexual experience like life-size sex doll.

The life-size sex doll is a bionic doll that simulates a human in a ratio of 1:1. It is made of TPE or silicone material to simulate human skin. It feels soft and smooth. , and can also be used as a figure to accompany yourself.

Male masturbator 

Male masturbator is an important part of men's sex toys. It is a kind of masturbation product for men. Its shape is similar to a cup. It is mainly composed of ABS plastic shell and the inner soft rubber of TPE material. The TPE material is soft and thick, and has a very real sense of experience. The internal structure simulates the three parts of the human body: vaginal, mouth, and anus.



Torso sex dolls are cheaper than full-size sex dolls

Compared to torso sex dolls and full-size sex dolls, it is easier to hide from detection, for example, it can be placed in your nightstand

Easy to clean after use



Relatively weak visual impact

The internal channel of the product is less realistic


Sex Doll Torso


Compared with the male masturbator cup torso sex doll, it is more visually pleasing and has a stronger visual impact

Feels like having sex with a real person.

Get the same experience as a full-size sex doll, but at a cheaper price.

Lighter and easier to hide and store than full-size sex dolls, such as it can be placed in a closet



Only the torso part so cannot give people a sense of companionship


Life-size sex doll

A full size sex doll is a full real size sex doll. Complete hands and feet, perfect body can satisfy all male orgasms. A variety of faces and figures that seek common ground while retaining differences can be selected according to the type of girl you like.


Basically the same as real people in life

Can give a very realistic sexual experience

Can act as a companion position for the purchaser



Much more expensive than male masturbator and torso sex dolls

Because the size of the simulation of people so larger, not easy to hide and store

More troublesome to clean after use

Regular maintenance is required to prevent mildew

By the above comparison, we can clearly understand the differences between the three sex toys. The sex doll torso is moderately priced, easier to clean than the Life-size sex doll, easy to hide, and looks more real and more sexy than the male masturbator. With delicate features, perfect breasts, pink vulva and comfortable passage. This is enough to satisfy normal male sex drive, so more and more people like sex doll torso.

If you like life-size and don't care if it's good to hide, and if you have enough budget you can even buy a life-size sex doll.

If you don't have the budget but you want the boobs and vagina of a life-size doll, then you can choose a realistic sex doll torso.


If you don't like the look of a male masturbator, but want to hide it easily, you can buy mini-sized sex doll torso.


If you only like big butts, then you can choose big ass sex doll.


If you like female vagina you can choose female sex doll torso, otherwise you can choose male torso sex doll.


No matter which sex doll torso you choose, you can get the perfect sex experience.

Many people have this doubt, what is the feeling of using this thing? In all honesty, it feels really good to use, and you can have a real and perfect sexual experience within your budget, allowing you to feel the pleasure of having sex with a real person.


You can enjoy fondling the sex doll's plump boobs, sucking on her pink nipples, and enter her tight vagina or anus from her front or back. While having sex you can also knead her big bouncy ass and lick every corner of her body with your tongue.


In short, you can do everything you want with your doll.

When you want to have a realistic sex doll to satisfy your sexual desire, you must think about the following points.



When you want to have a realistic sex doll to satisfy your sexual desire, you must think about the following points. PriceThe price of sex dolls mainly depends on the size of the doll, so full size sex dolls are more expensive than sex doll torso, sex doll torso will also be priced according to size, so you need to make a budget for the size you want. 



The size will affect store location and where you wash it after use. You need to determine the size of the place where you can wash and store the doll, and choose the size and height of the doll based on this, to avoid finding a place to store after buying.



Sex dolls are generally silicone or TPR material. 

All-silicon sex doll: The details are realistic. It is the closest to the real doll except for the wax figure in all the simulated dolls. Compared with the TPE material, it is harder, but it is resistant to high temperature and strong acid and alkali. The raw materials are relatively expensive, and it needs to be vulcanized during production and processing. processing, so the cost is higher.

Full TPE sex doll: The details are not as real as silicone, but the feel is softer than silicone, closer to real skin, not resistant to high temperatures above 200 degrees, and strong acids and alkalis. Because the raw materials are relatively cheap, only hot melt processing is required. So the cost is relatively low.

 Life-size sex doll entity doll with silicone head and TPE body: not only the realness of the silicone head but also the softness and smoothness of the TPE body.


Although they are all torso sex dolls, some of them have both chest and buttocks, and some have only buttocks. The chest and buttocks are large and small; the posture of the doll is also different. You need to choose the shape of the doll according to your favorite position and parts.


Of course, you can also put forward your needs and contact us for customization and have a unique sex doll.

Notes: Some fabrics can stain the skin of sex doll and it is difficult to remove without causing further damage, such as Latex, Faux and real leather, Jeans/Denim and Wool. In addition to avoiding specific materials, you should also be careful to avoid dark colors.

As for dressing Tantaly sex dolls, we mainly provide three points for you.

1.wash any clothing before putting them on your doll

New and unwashed clothes which have dyes can easily stain your doll. So before putting them on your doll, make sure you wash them many times until they can’t leave any dye on the doll. But owing to the complexity of clothing, we also recommend you to test the clothing on your doll's hidden places for short periods of time, such as the base of the thigh, or on a TPE sample.

2.Avoid dark-colored clothing

Compared to some light-colored clothes, dark-colored clothes can stain your doll more easily even if they are washed. So in order to keep your doll clean, you should try to avoid such kind of clothing. But if you really like it, we recommend you to testing it on a piece of TPE or hidden part of the doll, such as the base of the thigh, to see if it stains.

3.Avoid tight clothing

As we know, TPE dolls are soft and they can’t feel the pressure. So if you dress your dolls with tight clothing, it can leave indents and markings on them. But if it is necessary, limit the amount of time it is worn.


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